The Agency: The Call

14 03 2014

The next photo in the self portrait project. The idea for this shoot was somewhat organic, whilst we were trying out studio light set ups. Props and facial expressions add a new layer of depth and character to the images.


The Agency

9 03 2014


Here is a pic from a new photo project i’m doing with my friend MT Photography. This is the first shot.

Night Shots in Brighton

12 07 2013

Night Shots in Brighton

Here is a photo from a recent late night shoot in Brighton. Shot on a Nikon D5000

Light Angel

7 02 2013

Here is another Project 365 Light Painting. Looks a bit like an angel.

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This was shot on a Nikon D5000, F29, ISO 250, 10 second exposure.

Car Lights at Night

19 01 2013





Hey, thanks for looking back at my blog. Here is a photo taken from my the window of our lounge

Its a 30 second exposure shot on a Nikon D5000 and is my photo of the day for Project 365

Light Swirls

10 01 2013


Here is another light painting shot, taken for Day 10.


Lights & Statues

9 01 2013


This is my photo for Project 365 Day 9.

Please go check it out here: